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I stopped smoking within two weeks.
And what's more, the old habit effortlessly faded away and was replaced by healthy new habits - no struggle, no will power, just easy. 

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Your Therapy: About

Within 4 sessions
I was RESET back to the old me, happy, laughing & excited for life again. 
Everything I've been trying to do has come together.
Even my husband noticed!! 

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What To Expect When Working With Me

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The first session is a FREE 15 minute - no obligation discovery call where we will get to know each other, see if Hypnotherapy is a good fit for your needs and allow me to build a clear picture of what changes you would like to make PLUS I will assess which type of therapy would be most affective for you *. This can be booked here 





My way of working is results orientated. That means you are committing to investing in your result up front rather than paying per session. With this approach, the opt-in from you is far greater which in turn has a huge impact on your outcome. It also means, if you need an extra session to really lock in those results, then you'll get it - no extra charge!

Because Rome wasn't built in a day. In order to get the right results, we must be thorough. When you see your dentist, you first visit is to diagnose the problem and discuss the treatment plan, the second and third visits are where the detailed work is done and the issues are eliminated. The final session is used to review and to polish up.  

It may be that you need more (Or perhaps even less!), but generally, four sessions is perfect for most people and most problems.

* After you confirm your booking and complete your payment; You will have your zoom link for the first session alongside your booking confirmation. Please put your dates in your calendar and set reminders.


 You can use a laptop, tablet or phone, and using Zoom itself couldn't be easier (Instructions will be included in your confirmation email) - you just need a reliable internet connection and a quiet, comfortable place to relax where you won’t be disturbed. I send you a secure link for each session - just click on the link to join your session.

If you’re wondering, “What happens if the connection drops out”, the answer is - nothing. You’ll notice the silence after a short while and gently become fully awake and aware again. It happens only very rarely these days, but it might occasionally mean rescheduling the session at no extra charge.

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