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A High Flying Hypnotherapists Journey

I know from my own experience just how powerful hypnotherapy can be.

People tired of spinning their wheels – the ones who can FEEL there must be more to this life experience are the ones who call Susan. An Ambassador for Mindvalley, the most renowned coaching and personal development platform, her clients have included corporate leaders, Professors, multimillionaire business owners, single mothers, fellow coaches and start up entrepreneurs.  

Susan has a background in science and human psychology. She is a Master EFT practitioner and a qualified Hypnotherapist, trained by the famous Master Hypnotherapist Ali Campbell. 


With a special talent and interest in working with the power of the subconscious mind, Susan is a Silva Ultra-mind graduate which focuses on harnessing the subconscious for performance-based results.

She has lived and worked in 5 countries and 2 continents. She has worked in the corporate world, with the Armed forces and as a solo entrepreneur as a Dental Clinician for 17 years before hanging up her hat to follow her true calling. With her roots in Scotland, she now lives in the #1 tropical destination, Mauritius and spends her time between her home, the mountains and the beach.



Working with Susan has completely changed my life! 

Susan is highly intuitive and her experience and passion shines through in everything she does, she was truly born to do this work.



Content Free Hypnotherapy

It’s also absolutely possible to do hypnotherapy without knowing any of the details of your problem – it’s known as content-free therapy.



27 Matala Estate | Mauritius

WATSAPP: +23058147588

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